LeEco Mobile wants to take the U.S. smartphone market by storm. While its big entrance in the West began with the moderately well-received Le Pro 3, its strategy doesn’t rely solely on flagship phones – the company is also bringing a somewhat more modest offering to North America, called the Le S3.

LeEco Le S3

Just because the phone has the same design as the high-end device, that’s not necessarily a good thing. We stick by that with the Le S3. Sure, it’s not an ugly phone, and a few years ago, it might have been considered really good looking. But design tastes change, and a well-designed phone in 2013 isn’t necessarily a well-designed phone today.

Like the LeEco Le Pro 3, the LeEco Le S3 is an excellent phone that’s let down by a few key issues – software being the biggest one. You can, however, switch over to the Google Now launcher or your other launcher of choice, which helps alleviate some of the software issues.

You really can’t do much better than the Le S3. However, if you can’t stand eUI, we’d recommend the Xiaomi Mi MIX with its near-to-stock Android experience. You’re also likely to get more timely software updates on the Xiaomi Mi Note 2. Another good alternative is the Huawei Mate 9.